Schnorr Signatures for Node & Javascript

We may want to standardize on the superior Schnorr signature rather than ECDSA signature. There is now a library for this Javascript, and in Node it will use well-proven native secp256k1-zkp library.

– Christopher Allen

How can we support the Bitcoin Core discussion with RWOT8 community? any idea?

As a side note, one of my students implemented an independent Schnorr Signature library (as I remember, in Python) for the evaluation of the change and created an estimation. At this moment, I have doubt :smiley: in his implementation, but if there is Node&JavaScript implementation, he can cross-check his implementation with it. Good to know about it.

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@shigeya There has been discussion of more kinds of message signing in Bitcoin Core, in particular a proposal from Kalle Alm, but it is all pre-Schnoor.

— Christopher Allen