RWOT10: Meeting in Buenos Aires Anyway

Some people will still be going to Buenos Aires, despite the cancellation of RWOT10. If you’re one of those people, let folks know here, and organize any dinners or other get togethers with your fellow identity wizards.

My wife and I will definitely be in Buenos Aires from the 15th to 21st - we will also be at Iguazu falls on the 13 & 14th.

While I intensely adore my valley, during late Feb through mid April the remote villagers burn the bamboo leaves out of the forest, the valley traps the smoke until the rains come, and the air is positively deadly. This year is particularly bad and I’ve developed an “allergy to breathing” requiring strong, mindbending medication to compensate - so despite Covid, the travel is a definite win!

We are staying near the Plaza San Martin and look forward to spending time with anyone else who will be there. We are also interested in a virtual event.

We will be in Myanmar for the end of March and early April, and will be organizing an SSI Meetup in Yangon if anyone will just so happen to be there.

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My partner Maire and I will be in Buenos Aires starting next week. We are staying between Palermo & Recoleta. I hope to meet some of the people at the Bitcoin Center while we are in town, and of course to facilitate remotely if we do a virtual event.

– Christopher Allen

Still not sure I can make it (barring a Covid-inspired airline sale, lol) but here’s a subset of my “study abroad” google maps file with restaurants and cultural venues I recommend. I highly recommend:

  • CALLING (not just checking website) for Covid-related changes to museum hours and cultural events
  • the immigration museum (near the conf site)
  • the Dirty War museum ESMA (far north side)
  • a big dinner party at Pizzería Güerrin
  • trying every pizzería and ice cream parlor with old-timey signage
  • La Catedral for latenight tango events
  • Peruvian food (not a joke)