RWOT10: Creating a Virtual Event

We are considering the possibility of creating a virtual event to still allow people the ability to talk about decentralized identity on the internet in some limited form this March. Please let us know what and how much you’d be interested in this (and we’ll also post announcements for upcoming phone calls or actual plans).

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I’m interested in participating in a virtual event. Please keep us posted on plans.

I am also interested in a virtual event - i will be in BA at that time.

There are two vectors of decision making on this one.

One idea is to just use the tools we are already familiar with (Zoom, IRC, etc.) The second is to try new tools like Adobe or RunTheWorld

The other vector is what do we want to accomplish? We could try to replicate in some way the output-driven approach that our design workshops are successful with. Or we could just try to focus on information sharing.

If we want to try to roughly replicate the design workshop process, on Monday we could schedule a Zoom call those who submitted topic papers to present for 20m or so each. Participants can join in just the calls that they want to listen in on. On Tuesday we use Zoom to form groups, and we have standups each day in Zoom to report out progress, and a final Zoom call on Friday to report out first drafts.

However, this will only work if we have lots of participants and volunteers to help lead the virtual teams.

Otherwise, we could just schedule people to share different topic on a schedule over the course of the week. This is more passive but easier to organize.

– Christopher Allen

I saw this on twitter today. I am hoping in the coming days people post useful reviews, testimonials, etc on this or some other similar thread, because I have neither the time or the expertise to adequately kick the tires on multiple new collab tools in the coming two weeks :smiley:

I’m still in doubt about what to do. The intention is to come to BA anyway if there is no official binding travel advice not to do so. Apart from the final decision, I am interested in participating in a virtual event.

I asked Christopher for advice about obtaining Legal Entity Identifiers from chambers of commerce for electronic bill or lading in the supply chain. That was offered based on experience (s) with Wyoming, New Sealand and / or Estonia. Where possible I would like to do a constructive design session with the (virtually) available expertise because we want to have it built and demonstrated for the RWOT in September.

Intended landing place is a live product in the collaboration between Tradetrust (Singapore) and Deliver (Rotterdam).

I’m trying to assemble a group to work on a privacy-preserving digital surveillance and contact tracing app,

We can do better than

  • Adrian

I would be very interested in a virtual event.

I’m trying to assemble two groups - one in postal related matters, and the other in viral outbreak management systems.

I believe we need the exact same focus on completing papers within a timeboxed window, but we need to be more efficient with time requirements for participants.

I am very much interested

I am also interested and have been discussing with Joe about using this to push forward the satyrn editor from RWoT 9. Also this might be an interesting remote conference tool that’s being developed in the ethereum community - “InterCon —The Virtual Conference” by pΞTH

Here are the proper links.

We have been considering a virtual option for next week, but after polling the community we think the timeframe is simply too short to do something effective. I’m sorry to say that means we will not be hosting a virtual RWOT10 next week.

THAT said, we do feel that a virtual version of RWOT is something we need to invest some time considering. So, we hope to revisit the topic with a larger discussion to explore how we might do that, including both technical and human factors that we’ll need to address for that to be a success.

We are saddened by our cancellation of RWOT10, and this decision about a virtual version was a hard one to make. However, both feel like the right decision.

Things are on track for an event in the Netherlands in the fall. While we can’t foresee what might be happening as that date approaches, we are confident we have a good team in place to help us make the best possible RWOT, even if that means enabling virtual participation to ease the travel burden.

– The RWOT Board — Christopher Allen, Joe Andrieu & Dmitri Zagidulin

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I think it’s the right decision. Thank you for the careful consideration and decisiveness. Let us make an effort to turn RWOT11 into an impactful meeting!