RWOT10: Cancelling Plane Tickets

If you have success (or failure) cancelling or changing your RWOT10 plane tickets, please let folks know about it here: what worked and what didn’t, so that they might be able to use the same techniques.

In my case, I got credit for ‘non-refundable’ ticket, minus a small penalty. What worked was calling the airline (Air Canada) to confirm what my options were before calling Expedia (they are the booking agent) which was very resistant, claiming it was a “complex policy”, and requiring escalations to multiple people before finally matching what the airline told me (about 1 hour on hold and 1 hour debating). Actually, Air Canada was (at least a week ago) willing to refund in cash (minus penalty), but at the end a credit was all I could get out of Expedia. I am guessing it is still a sale on their books. Tough times for everyone in travel industry.

It looks like Travelocity is similarly offering me the ability to exchange for a future flight, with a $300 penalty. It just has to be done at least a day before the current flight, which is probably any day for most folks. (And it’s been really hard to get ahold of them; their chat line on FB has been more effective than the phone.)