Potential model for RWOT journal/publications?

We have been discussing how to increase the formality and reference-ability of RWOT papers. I recently discovered the Publications section of USENIX - in particular JETS. It looks like it might be a good model to start from…

JETS was a combination workshop/journal that appeared to have similar characteristics with RWOT. The link above is to their FAQ.

I like the model very much. Would be great to see our papers there.

Though I’m in favor of some type of quality journal/publication for #RWOT, I also don’t want to raise the bar too high for the design workshop papers. We are unique that we have a model that is different than traditional peer review, and we don’t want to loose that. But I do beleive that some post-whitepaper process could take the documents that go through one more step with a filter, more peer review, etc. for publication.

If 25 documents are to first draft, producing 15 that go to final, and 5 are of academic journal quality, I’d be quite happy.

– Christopher Allen