Enabling topic paper submissions via web-form in advance of #RWOT9

Christopher asked about reducing friction in the topic paper submission process, and that I share my results here, @kimdhamilton.

I’m good at research, but am still a newb to web development. Probably there are others, here, more qualified to implementing a solution, than I.

(not sure if this is relevant)

This doesn’t involve uploads but gives a basic example runthru of using netlify forms:

I followed this the other day to create an account and use that account as a bot to submit pull-requests… the end result is for comments… but doesnt support files, only text. However, the first part of creating an account to make a “bot” (to submit the pull-request w file uploads) with would be the same.

I can’t invest any more time on this right now, and I’m not sure if any of this is to the point, because I haven’t found specifically how to use the form to generate a pull-request. Really I’m still not 100% I understand the problem I’m trying to solve here… but this is a good starting point.

My personal thought is that if there is friction with submitting a pull-request, the community would be better served by a thorough set of HowTos, introducing new users to GitHub by walking them through the process of creating an account forking the repository, adding their submission, and submitting a pull-request.

I would be happy to work on some documetation for that, as I’ve been doing for @DIDecentral

using issue\pull-request templates could also help:

@infominer, thanks for the research!

In the meantime, would you be willing to volunteer to help us in the #RWOT9 repo with the Topics & Advance Readings? And help shepherd new PRs as they are submitted to do the same? We have 3 papers that don’t have abstracts and keywords, and I’m not sure all the topics paper submitted there have been properly linked in at all.

@Joe and I are smashed keeping up with the event planning, tickets and discount codes, so some volunteer help making the readings accessible would be appreciated!

– Christopher Allen

Id be more than happy to help, the issue is that I have a pretty big gig lined up thats gonna keep me slammed from like a week from now until mid August, and a draft for something else that needs to be ready before I deep dive (into global crypto regulations).

This type of thing is better for me to have scheduled ahead of time.

To be honest, I’m not even sure entirely of the conference repo work-flow…

I’ll take a look at the thread below about the keywords, maybe chat w Juan a bit, see how quickly I can get up to speed, and how much time it would take me…

Basically I will do the best I can. It doesn’t sound like too much trouble, but I really have no clue, and must say that it wouldn’t be good to count on having my full attn for this one.

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