Decentralized Identity Evening - Prague, 2.9. 18:00

Dear #RWoT9 participants,

here’s a draft invitation for the “Decentralized Identity Evening” event on the 2.9., kicking-off the RWoT conference in Prague.
(It didn’t occur to me to share the event here, my apologies. The event without the speaker details has been promoted by the Paralelní Polis through their channels, though, so the local community has been engaged.)

The speaker list is provisional (waiting for the org team for the final inputs @joe), so if you find yourself on the list and don’t intend to speak, let me know, please!! :no_mouth:
And, the other way - if you aren’t on the list but would like to speak or participate in a small panel discussion, please let me know!

Any feedback / suggestions welcome.
Here’s the twin FB event, for those who use FB: