Categories Needed

We probably want a category for RWOT8.

What else?

Are categories the best way to organize subgroups? For example, does it make sense to have a category for each paper (for those who want to use discourse to continue a conversation about their work?)

I think it’s critical that we create sub groups for each published paper. In order to be taken seriously by academia we need to have a wide selection of peer reviews.

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I’m keen on supporting academic referenceability. In particular, we really should publish each RWOT as a standalone edition of the “RWOT Journal” to help with citability.

However, we are decidedly NOT a peer-review process. We are collaborative, but it would take significant changes to process and staffing to turn this into proper peer review.

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It may make sense to offer discounts for papers for one rebooting and discounts for peer reviews or revisions at the next. This way we can build on our ideas as opposed to having a bunch of similar papers difficult to cite.


Further on that - could offer the lead author of papers that make it all the way to final the discount. Might be an incentive to some

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Why can’t we have something like chat groups where we can come together and discuss about that.

Just like having a chatroom