BTCR public key JSON-LD type

After some discussions 2-3 months ago, the consensus was that EcdsaSecp256k1VerificationKey2019 is the correct JSON-LD term to be used as a public key type in a BTCR DID Document. The correct JSON-LD term for a corresponding signature type is EcdsaSecp256k1Signature2019.

See here for some more background:

Orie Steele has a PR with a spec for these terms:

I think it would be good if anyone working on BTCR could review that PR and comment on it.

These specs are referenced from the Linked Data Cryptographic Suite Registry:

The JSON-LD terms have been added to the DID context (did-v0.11.jsonld):

Note the DID context also reserves the terms SchnorrSecp256k1Signature2019 and SchnorrSecp256k1VerificationKey2019, but those don’t have specs yet.

That’s what we’ve modeled here:

This is baked into the vc-js-cli demo and underlying tools.

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