BTCR New playground

HI Team,

We are fixing the code for BTCR DID generation .We have found that the a totally new format is introduced and previous one is replaced

But We personally think that this one is more complicated for the end user and asking so many inputs.

Please give your suggestions and please also help us in understanding few terms so that it will be easy for us to do the changes

@kimdhamilton @mahendra

Hi! I worked on the changes during the recent BTCR Hackathon to try and provide all the functionality needed in one place by combining the existing playground with the wallet.
The transaction generation and submission replaces the ‘enter your information’ panel but agree that a trade-off has been made in the addition of full wallet functionality.
The site is lacking in documentation and a tutorial/walkthrough is an important addition that should be on the roadmap so I’ll open an issue on GitHub for it now if it’s not there already.
I’d be happy to hear your suggestions and work with you to improve the UX

As of now we are thinking to fix previous code.
BZut if you creating issue on gihub than what we can do is we can manage the backend part and you can handle the front-end part.

What we will do is we will provide you a wire frame initially. and will share all the updated code with you so that you can continue with the front end part.

Will that be fine with you ?

Yes that’s fine, none of the backend js was changed as a part of this UI refresh.
@kimdhamilton can confirm this, but I think that one of the long term goals to move towards as much browser native code as possible (rather than using browserfy with nodejs javascript) so that might be something to consider when looking at the backend work?

@hawkmauk Lets wait for the @kimdhamilton than we can probably have a call and discuss the next step .

mine backend means, we are working client-side written javascript to execute btcr did creation transaction logic. which is failing while creation of btcr did.