A Dynamic Digital Passport for (COVID-19) pandemic mitigation

What would a Dynamic Digital Passport look like if the goal is an effective balance between centralized official surveillance + control and decentralized privacy preservation + trust?

There are multiple dimensions to preparing for effective contact tracing, self-isolation, and reduction of unnecessary supply chain disruption.

We might presume:

  • an official app would be available as an interface to anyone

  • the app and related processes would be designed to engender trust in the population

  • there are multiple surveillance resources already available to public health authorities and communication about their uses may need to be disclosed or managed

  • the app might want to capture additional info from users directly or via phone sensors

  • the app might want to assist in managing sputum samples submitted for lab analysis

  • the app might want to capture consent for some uses

  • the app might want to communicate some information directly to a clinician, a law enforcement person, or a public health agent when they are interacting with the subject person

  • etc…

Who would be involved in the design of this app? It seems like an essential component of our preparations for COVID-19 or the next pandemic.

  • Adrian
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